Argument I heard on the bus

`Guy 1: no, niggah, gay bros can raise babies. Look at that warthog motherfucker and that ferret thing that raised Simba. And that niggah become king of motherfucking Africa.

this is pathetic. people used to blog about how they live but that turned in to people living how they blog. then they start believing that it's cool to actually be the person they pretend to be online. Nobody, outside of the people that follow you, wants to be around anybody that obnoxious and that big of a pussy at the same time. because of tumblr there's a ton of kids with confusing personalities that one wants to hang with. Thank Ala you're all too busy blogging about "life" to go live life.



I don’t need a life lesson from a dude who look constipated in a size small little boys bucket hat

while you’re getting drunk w/ ya frat boys playin beer pong i’m buildin a web empire, selling shirts with my face on em, recording music/sounding better than u, and also getting money. So like listen I understand that u wanted to insult me but please cover your bases and lay off the pabst blue ribbon long enough to form a coherent sentence. Reblog some more pics of weed and keep workin the angles, buddy. Maybe someday we can look back on this and laugh while ur cleaning my house for a little bread so you can buy the new a$ap rocky album. :)

So VICIOUS. I love it.